Donor contributions provide a lasting impact on our students, faculty, and community. DIRHA welcomes gifts from individuals, corporations, and foundations. Your gift facilitates the resources to assist with student programming, experimental learning, and reshaping the campus and community.




15K - Sponsors 1 high school's participation for 1 year.

50K - Funds the undergraduate mentor training.

100K - Funds research in the effort to foster empathy, promote cultural competency, and reduce stereotyping among youth.


225K - Supports strategic programmatic costs for one year.


500K - Funds the implementation  of DIRHA in another county (up to 15 schools for 2 years).

Testimonials from past students and teachers...


"This program has completely changed my perspective on how I am going to approach college and my career."

"Our school isn't one that really talks about difficult topics. We talk about trig or calc. We wanted to change that. We wanted people to feel comfortable. By including multiple religions, if one talked about it the others would feel more comfortable."

"I can't tell you how much this program has meant to me, and to my family. It was such an empowering experience for us. My parents were so excited every time I came home from a seminar because they wanted to learn everything that I had learned, and now they can't wait for my younger sister to get involved."

"When I started this program I didn't think there was anything I needed to learn but I'm really grateful for DIRHA because I became more open minded."

"We have two students who are now motivated to apply to UCI based on their interactions with their mentors.  [They] made college seem more attainable -- seeing how diverse and down to earth mentors were. One of our students even said he thought college was mostly for 'white people' and he felt like he wouldn't belong - he now is looking forward to applying to UCI in the fall."


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